Francesca Amfitheatrof

The name THIEF AND HEIST is part outlaw, part old world glamour.
It embodies my own balance of 'recklessness and rigor' qualities I most admire.

Thief and Heist Story

I created Thief & Heist to enact a rebellion. My approach as a jewelry designer has always been that of a disruptor. When I’m inspired by a concept it’s always derived from the freedom to be unpredictable.

I first designed the tag in the late 90s as I was heading to Paris to show my latest collection to international buyers. It was late at night just on my last day of creating a collection and this little bracelet spoke to me. I immediately liked its utilitarian and minimalist design and the concept of it not just being an accessory, but a simple idea. It is effortless, unpretentious, and always inspires a great deal of curiosity. It is the opposite of what jewelry has portrayed for centuries. As soon as I presented it, all alone pinned to a white wall, it stopped buyers in their tracks. First it was the Japanese, then the rest followed. I decided to bring it back because I wanted to wear them again. I wanted that lightness and unpretentious attitude on my wrist that says, “This is me. I’m different and this tag is for everyone that has an attitude to be different!”

I’ve ridden the zeitgeist, been inspired by a wide range of people and places, worked with metals, materials, and stones - recognizing that ultimately, harmony manifests in simplicity.

The Tag is a code, an expression of what we want to claim for ourselves

It’s a time capsule that absorbs your energy. You wear it - you share it. That’s what liberates the power of the jewelry.

I am the thief and the tag is our heist. The story we claim is our own.