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It’s easy. Measure twice. Cut once. Tag forever.

The tag is permanent, don't screw it up!

Tagging is easy!

Some best practices to consider:

Better to do this with another person!

If the end is inserted into the clasp with too much force, the end could bend up and loosen from the latch. If the end is bent up, cut off that square and try inserting again.

Once the end is clicked in (usually 2 squares in), give it a little tug to make sure it's secure. Make sure you push it in all the way and feel the click.

Step One

Wrap the strap around your wrist. Choose the fit you want. Hold the spot, not too tight!

Step Two

Add an extra square. Cut the strap as shown.

Step Three

Insert the strap into the bottom of the silver clasp until it clicks.


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