Thief and Heist
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I created Thief & Heist to enact a rebellion. My approach as a jewelry designer has always been that of a disruptor. When I’m inspired by a concept it’s always derived from the freedom to be unpredictable.

I designed the Tag in the 90s. It sold out immediately. And I moved on. Since then, I’ve designed jewelry for prestigious companies. I’ve ridden the zeitgeist, been inspired by a wide range of people and places, worked with metals, materials, and stones — recognizing that ultimately, harmony manifests in simplicity.

The Tag is a code, an expression of what we want to claim for ourselves. It’s a time capsule that absorbs your energy. You wear it — you share it. That’s what liberates the power of the jewelry.

I am the thief and the tag is our heist. The story we claim is our own.